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Nose Fetish

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Lost Noses [06 Aug 2010|08:42pm]

Hey everyone! I was just thinking about the wide ensemble cast of Lost and how wonderfully diverse their noses are... I'm going to say my favourite has to be Dominic Monaghan as Charlie <3 His nose is just so delightfully squashy. Anyway, I just mention it because I was thinking maybe other people like Lost as well and would find this challenge game/community of interest. It's called Lost_Land and it sounds like it'll be superfun.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's time!

Who else has a favourite Lost nose?
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I know there's no photos, that's my bad. [17 Jun 2010|01:06pm]

But I thought you kids might appreciate the noses I put in my artwork. I've been a member of this community for a while and though it's been mostly inactive, I've not lost my thing for noses. Here's a couple samples:

Hope you dig,

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Nose play [14 Feb 2010|09:22pm]
Visual aesthetics are discussed quite a bit here, but do any of you enjoy playing with those beautiful noses as well as admiring them? For my part, I love kissing and fondling a cute guy's nose. :)

Here, a handsome guy has fun playing with his big, broad nose. Enjoy!

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no one.... [16 Nov 2009|12:47am]
......has posted any noses lately, so here are a couple of pics of my NOSE, a profile shot and front shot wearing my sisters glasses : )

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Shane Holliday [13 Oct 2009|12:08pm]

What do you guys think of this schnoz? I would imagine that it satisfies fans of very prominent noses as well as fans of wide noses. I love the big, bulbous tip - it just looks so kissable! What are your thoughts?

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random [07 Aug 2009|02:58am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

just a random pic of my schnoz

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[29 Jul 2009|05:59pm]

Hello, friends. I haven't posted any pictures of my nose/face recently, so here are some . . .

I live in Seattle, and for the past week or so it's been in the mid to high 90s, so there's really nothing to do but melt . . .

PhotosCollapse )

♥ Nick
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I CAN'T WAIT!! [09 Jul 2009|06:48pm]

OK! OK! I had a feeling no one was gonna get correct answers for NAME THAT SCHNOZ! But I didn't think that no one would try. Here are the answers (and photos incase you still don't know who they are):









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NAME THAT SCHNOZ!!! [03 Jul 2009|09:23pm]

Well, I have to be honest...I'm not sure how many people here will get these. I made this for my private LJ and I thought it would be fun to post it here. See, everyone I know knows I have a thing for noses and they know the guys whose noses I love too! So sorry if it's a little too challenging but enjoy! I'll post the results next week!!!

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Yep... [04 Jul 2009|04:13am]
..sometimes i hate it, sometimes i love it :0
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oh gilles... [10 May 2009|01:32pm]

im surprised no one has posted about him yet.
you know who has a wonderfully large and sexy nose?

gilles marini....so hot!!!

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A Nose for Your Consideration [30 Apr 2009|09:35am]

The nose below is a cross between a big downturned Semitic nose
and a rather squat ski-jump nose.
I think it's funny that it's so straight (except when I smile and it turns down a bit,) because it's kind of like an exact combination of the two. 

I forgot about this community for a while, so just had a joyous time reviewing everyone's nose.

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French version: Louis Garrel for Hedi Slimane [13 Apr 2009|08:35pm]

No comments needed.

More pure nose sex hereCollapse )
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[12 Apr 2009|04:38am]

So, I was just thinking of this guy I know of, Paul, and I think some people would quite appreciate his nose. He's the drummer for a band called Silverstein.

pics hereCollapse )
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*wavewave* [11 Apr 2009|10:20pm]

hi everyone, i've posted pics on here before under the name burnlighteyes. :)

i'm glad there is a place for me to post my photos and not feel ugly or freakish. i've been teased for my nose for most of my life. :[ people have called me manly, hideously ugly, etc. i figured that there might be people out there that appreciate my odd olfactory organ.

i have some new photos.. for those of you who like weird-nosed girls!



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[11 Apr 2009|03:32am]

Just some pics of my nose. It's kinda little, but I think it's pretty cute.

hereCollapse )
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[31 Mar 2009|11:13pm]
hey guys, havent been on here for a while now, since my last post. Great to see all the nose love. Thought id post up a couple of pictures.

from the side

and from the front

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Mah Nose [28 Mar 2009|09:36pm]

What do you guys think of my nose?
It's quite big, isn't it?

Oh, I do miss that nose piercing.

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heres my nose? [28 Mar 2009|02:21pm]


i havent done this yet so i figured i would


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